This all about the learning through games.

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    June 4-8, June 11-15 & June 18-22


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  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to teach your kids to build awesome video games.


    Introduction of Basics


    We are going to be modifying existing games to get the kids familiar with the Construct 2 engine. It will be a lot of adjusting settings, adding new features and understanding how to “program” games. We’ve got a few games to play with as we explore.



    Getting Deeper


    We are going to do some crazy things with a Break Out-like game. We will build new levels, add some features and really start to challenge the kids.



    Launching Projectiles


    We are going to step it up with a blank template and build a Fruit Ninja-like game from scratch. What will your kids pick to shoot out of the fruit? A present? A rock? A shoe? Maybe some poo?



    Full Speed Ahead

    When we will recreate the first level of Super Mario Brothers-like game (or at least something close.) It is going to be a challenge but I know the kids are up for it. Now would be a great time to break out the old Super Nintendo so they know what we’re talking about.


    It's All About the Fun


    We are going to be playing games and helping kids who want to build something custom. We are going to invite the parents, grandparents and even your kid’s friend to come out and see what we have been building.


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    Gaming Bootcamp

    We are passionate about teaching kids to learn programming through game development. Watch the student's excitement.

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    Code Bootcamp of South Dakota hosts bootcamp for middle school students.




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    Sioux Falls, SD

    +1 605-610-9455

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  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to educate our children using video game development.

    William Bushee


    Josh Stroschein


    Brad Hartzler


    As a teacher, team leader, after school bus driver, coach, and teacher of Coding Club at Harrisburg North Middle School, Brad brings passion and enthusiasm to our team and all other activities he is involved.

    Moriah Slade


    Moriah is a substitute teacher for grades K-12, works in an after school program at Whittier Middle School, and works part time as a gym assistant at the YMCA. She loves the outdoors and staying active.

  • Who's Talking About Us

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